About Factor 3 Webworks

Factor Three Webworks is your source for effective software and services. We at Factor Three Webworks are experts in the areas of web application development, business process management, and general application design. Factor Three Webworks will work with you to put together software systems that streamline your business processes, empower your employees, and increase your overall efficiency. With the software and services that we offer, your business will be better able to compete in today's increasingly tough marketplace.

Factor Three Webworks specializes in the development and deployment of standalone applications, distributed applications, web applications, and web services. We are a customer oriented company whose focus is on providing excellence in software and services. Factor Three Webworks not only gets the job done, but it does so in such a way as to insure customer satisfaction. We are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied.

We also host a number of applications which we offer as services on a subscription basis. The applications we offer can automate many of the tasks that companies perform. We make them available to individuals and companies for a modest monthly fee. Demos of our subscription services will be available soon.

We are also available for those who wish to create and deploy custom applications. We provide consulting services for the creation of new applications or the enhancement, maintenence, and improvement of existing applications. Anyone wishing to utilize our consulting services should feel free to contact us.

Subscription Services

Many businesses have common problems and concerns that must be addressed if they are to run efficiently. Problems like recruiting qualified people, keeping track of customers, purchasing from other companies, and keeping track of the hours employees work are common to most if not all businesses. While there are several services which enable companies to solve these problems, it would be better for many companies if there was a single place where all of these common problems can be solved.

Factor Three Webworks hosts several web applications which we make available to individuals and companies for a monthly fee. These applications, once hosted, will have your own unique brand and will be customized for your selected look and feel. These applications include a configurable recruitment application which can be used by small companies yet is scalable enough to grow with your business. We also host a timesheet application for keeping track of billable hours, a recruiting application for keeping track of prospective employees, and a requisition application that describes desired employees.

We even have applications for performing common Internet- related tasks, such as a shopping cart.

If you wish to see demonstrations of software we have created, check out the demos under the demos tab.

Custom Application Development

Factor Three Webworks offers consulting services for those who wish to develop their own custom standalone applications, web applications, or web services. We can work closely with you to create applications specifically designed to handle your unique business needs.

Standalone Applications

Factor Three Webworks has a great deal of expertise in the creation of standalone software solutions. A standalone application is one which runs solo on your computer (an example of a standalone application is Microsoft Word). We can create applications that run on all the major operating systems, including Windows (95/98/2000/XP/Vista), Unix (including BSD, Linux, Solaris, HP, others), and the Macintosh OS (OS X). We can also create cross- platform applications (applications that can run anywhere), and client- server applications.

Web Applications

In addition to the web applications that we host, we are also capable of creating custom web applications. Our web applications will take on your company's look and feel, will be easy to use and easy to learn, and will streamline your business processes so that your company will operate smoothly and efficiently. We can also create e- business applications that will make it easy for you to perform business- related tasks on the Internet.